CCcam Version 2.0.3
-nagra fixes
-G line remote sharing fixed
-allow more limits in C/F/G
Download it here

CCcam Version 2.0.2
-nagra fixes
-irdeto camcrypt
-tps au
-cryptoworks keys no longer hardcoded
Download it here

CCcam Version 2.0.1
-changed G: line syntax, see CCcam.cfg for details
-multiple G: lines on the same local port supported
-each G: line can have different localhost
-each G: line can have different pass
-sharing between G: lines supported
-nagra2 MECM
Download it here

CCcam Version 2.0.0
-removed gbox_indirect support
-added gbox support
-several smartcard fixes
-several smartcard reader fixes
-fixed LOADBALANCE parsing (broken in 1.7.1)
Download it here

CCcam Version 1.7.1
-several smartcard fixes
-conax ca pin support (use 'PIN:' in CCcam.cfg)
-added SMARTCARD WRITE DELAY setting, to tweak performance on Mastera/sc8in1 and such
-moved providernames to an external file /var/etc/CCcam.providers. Format is 'hexvalue "providername" comments'
-channelname can now be displayed in webif instead of caid:ident:sid when defined in /var/etc/CCcam.channelinfo
-demuxapi support dropped
-gbox indirect: reuse slots
-avoid glitch when zapping over recorded channel (7025)
-two cam devices on DM600
Download it here

CCcam Version 1.7.0
-fixed password bug (consider using "MINIMUM CLIENT VERSION: 1.7.0" to avoid risk)
-added viaccess smartcard emm
-added support for gbox indirect/local connection
-added optional ip address/hostname to F: line, no ip given allows the connection from all ip's (See CCcam.cfg for example)
-tps au (tune to Hotbird transponder 10873 vertical)
-added smartcard custom post-init (see CCcam.cfg) Currently only T=0 supported
-support to override detected dvb api version
-support sc8in1 (note: PHOENIX READER PATH --> SERIAL READER in CCcam.cfg)
Download it here

CCcam version 1.6.2
-fixed crash when reading malformed SoftCam.Key
-fixed possible crash betacrypt smartcard emm
-minor irdeto improvements
-added config option to avoid (hidden) chids being ignored on irdeto smartcard (See CCcam.cfg)
-added timeslots per friend connection, now possible to only open connection for a few hours (See CCcam.cfg for example)
-Nagra emu fixes
Download it here

CCcam version 1.6.0
-fixed wrong irdeto camdata default (since 1.4.0)
-implemented irdeto camdata setting
-improved self learning for irdeto
-fixed constant cw
-added biss support
-added priolist support
-max C / F username length now 20 instead of 19
-max C / F password length now unlimited instead of 16
-switches to enable/disable web and telnet info info interfaces
-implemented authentication for web and telnet info interfaces
-Note: the web and telnet info port paramater have changed name in the config file
-Note2: /var/keys/CCcam.ignore does not exist anymore and /var/etc/CCcam.prio is the new one
see CCcam.cfg for details
Download it here

CCcam version 1.4.0
-implemented irdeto camkey setting
-runtime dvb api version detection
-implemented share limits on client side (just like server side), see CCcam.cfg for details
-implemented load balancing between identical cards, see CCcam.cfg for details
-finetuned tcp behaviour and settings, saving some network load
-fixed newcamd connection emm
-seca smartcard entitlements fix
-irdeto smartcard emm fix
-removed -k cmdline parm, use config file instead
-cmdline parms could previously be overruled by rereading cfg file, fixed
Download it here

CCcam Version 1.3.1
-7025: several bugfixes
-7025: decoding of all 8 channels (1.3.0 only 4)
-fixed viaccess smartcard
-fixed stealth mode, also set per N line now (see CCcam.cfg)
Download it here

CCcam Version 1.3.0
-fixed some 64 bits issues
-fixed radegast provider id and nano field
-reduced binary size
-immediately interrupt lengthy emu calculations when zap takes place
-userinfo was not correctly reread, therefore you needed to restart CCcam when certain parts of the userinfo changed, fixed
-it is now possible to block a channel for a client, based on caid:id:sid see F entry config for an example
-changed emu share limits behaviour, <1>=1.3.0, an emu only matches {caid:0:n}
-added '-l' cmdline option, to disable all 'self-learning' stuff. This option might avoid problems with irdeto smartcards
-ports 15000-15004 and port 14000 are now gone. Use 16000 and 16001 (html) instead
-implemented workerthread pool to handle client requests, to improve handling larger numbers of clients
-added support for cryptoworks camcrypted cards (incl arena tv). IPK handing is internal, no need for external keys and such
-added support for BEEF patched cards using nagra over seca tunnelling, add id's in config file(see example)
-added conax smartcard support (ecm+emm)
-added entitlements for cryptoworks and conax smartcards
-allow emm one extra level
Download it here

CCcam Version 1.2.1
-fixed smartcard support for some seca providers
-fixed smartcard activation for some seca providers
Download it here

CCcam version 1.1.0
-camd3 support, one card per L: line
-support to add downshare limits to F: entries
Download it here